June 30, 2015


Saturday 18 July 2015, 6pm

CGP London: Dilston Grove
Southwark Park, London SE16 2DD


Phantoms of the Avant-Garde is the first in a series of monthly events (July to October 2015) exploring lines of connection and points of dialogue between the LUX archive and the Cranford collection. The first screening is presented in collaboration with CGP London at Dilston Grove. The series has been curated by Matt Carter (Distribution Manager, LUX) and Louise Chignac (Special Projects Manager, Cranford). LUX and Cranford Collection would like to extend special thanks to Judith Carlton, Director CGP London and the whole gallery team.

Taking Laure Prouvost’s Wantee, a work centred around her fictional grandfather and his relationship to the Surrealist artist Kurt Schwitters, as a starting point, the works in this screening draw upon avant-garde legacies within contemporary practice. Through explorations of the past, the artists in the programme deconstruct their own canonical heritage, creating new histories through the very apparatus they disassemble. Dislodging of time forges new associations and the tension between an inescapable past and the endless potential of the future, highlight an absurd futility inherent in artistic practice but also an unrelenting and admirable fervour.


Lucy Skaer, Leonora (The Joker), 2007 / 16mm loop

Laure Prouvost, Wantee, 2013 / 15 mins

Ursula Mayer, Lunch in Fur, 2008 / 8mins

Mark Aerial Waller, Phantom Avantgarde, 2010 / 8mins

Jimmy Robert, L’Education Sentimentale, 2005 / 5mins

Beatrice Gibson, The Tiger’s Mind, 2012 / 24 mins

TOTAL: 60mins


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