Since 2005, works of art from the Collection have been presented in the form of temporary installations at a private house located at Gloucester Gate in Regent’s Park. This unusual setting has enabled the Collection to explore original associations between artworks. It also offers the unique challenge of how to successfully present contemporary artworks in a domestic environment, demonstrating that the experience of an artwork can be constantly renewed by rotating the works exhibited.

In recent years, under the impulsion of its curator Anne Pontégnie, the Collection has grown and attempted to draw connections between the works it includes in order to increase its coherence, and to be able to develop publicly minded activities.

As well as regular visits to Gloucester Gate, Cranford Collection entertains a number of other activities in order to keep the artworks alive for a broader audience. These include:

    • • Educational workshops with MFA and Curation students from London universities
    • • Discussion evenings in collaboration with art associations
    • • Artist residencies (with Camden Arts Centre)
    • • Artist publications
    • • Film screenings
    • • Encouraging research into artists of the collection
    • • Loans to museums and public spaces in the UK and internationally
    • • Support and dialogue with public art institutions

    Since 2017, the house and associated mews at Gloucester Gate have been remodelled by architect David Chipperfield in order to increase its capacity and create dedicated museum facilities.


    Cranford Collection’s installations are open to the public by appointment and are the setting of numerous visits by museum boards, curators, artists as well as educational programs.

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